Wednesday, October 8, 2014

His and Her Story (Past and Present Comparison)

At this point in my life, I've been clawing to the past more than ever before - Old English literature, classic romance flicks and tunes from my childhood (90s) are but some of the gems that kept drawing me in. Don't get me wrong, this does not necessarily mean that I would choose to go back down my own memory lane and change anything from it for I have no regrets but if given the chance, I would gladly take a stumble through history to get to experience what it was like before.

I have always felt nostalgic about the past and no, I do not mean my own. A past that I have learned to love, a past that I constantly reminisce and a past that I always dream about. A past that I haven't lived nor experienced but a past that I have only heard and read about. A past so raw but a past so pure.


Human beings have this constant need to look for comfort, to ease the hardships that life brings to the table and to make our lives easier but have we ever stopped to think that may be we have gotten ahead of ourselves? Have we already gotten overboard with all this development? Are we moving way too fast? I do get that change is constant but this constant need to change sometimes feels so consuming that we forget to be thankful, to accept the way life is and to just be contented.

Modern sciences have made it possible for us to cure diseases that used to wipe out an entire race; technology allowed us to fast forward time in terms of inventions where we can swiftly finish a menial task that used to take hours and even to the point of reaching our loved ones on the other side of the globe in mere seconds compared to the months of waiting for a single snail mail from them; inexplicable theories that our ancestors believed have now been dismissed; and our culture in general changes as time passes by.

BUT with this power to change within our grasp, we have neglected the negative effects it has brought us. This will be quite a long list if I tackle every aspect and you will probably get bored out of your wits so let me just rant about a few:

Lydia Ward | Guy's Hospital London | 1907
The Modern Sciences
We might have cured diseases that were considered deadly before but we also made it possible to clone animals and most probably in the near future (or most likely right now and the public is just unaware), humans. Can we just focus on curing diseases please? Stop all those unwarranted wishes to live forever. Jeez! Haven't you all lived enough?

The Environmental Impacts
Gone are the days where we rely on Mother Earth for heat and cold because we can now create artificial sunlight and rain. Worst-case scenario? Forcing artificial weather causes a major impact to our environment. Unending snowstorms, super typhoons, longer periods of drought, rainstorms... Oh! The list is endless! Let me just redirect you to the nearest doomsday flick.

Nagasaki | Hiroshima Attack | 1945
The Digital Warfare
I am not in the position to discuss specifics since my knowledge regarding this is limited but but but come on, with just a click of a finger, we can now hack into government servers. Give and take a few years or so, the robotics industry in Japan will probably or is probably already making their own Transformers (see movies). With just a touch of a button, North Korea can launch missiles to destroy a country. Let us just wipe out the whole world while were at it, shall we? This need for power is just suffocating!

The Future of Music
I feel like an old lady by saying this but why do we have to create new genres of music? Haven't we had enough? I mean, there's nothing wrong with it for I love how it's growing but there's just too much and I can't catch up! Haha. I'm literally googling this as we speak for I only heard about EDMs where I think it's like the modern disco music made by the DJs without the vocals, I think, alongside with (thanks Google!) but not limited to are Rap Rave(?), Dynametrix (?!), Gyp-hop (?!?), Igbo-Highlife (?!!) and whatever genre there is that I can't even comprehend.

Why am I ranting, you may ask? Let's see, my generation (90s and below) grew up being taught by older generations about The Beatles and The Rolling Stones; listened to Britney, Christina and Mariah; sang along adorable boy bands; learned classical pieces from Bach and the lot; you do get the gist, right? The next generation, I won't be that much worried since we still have a few more worthy singers upon us but my dearest great great great great great grandchildren, I hope for yoursakes, a worthy playlist.

I do not know if I should applaud this generation's creativity since relationship titles have gone a long way. Take me back to the days where Husband/Wife and Boyfriend/Girlfriend were the only titles that exist because these days we have FWBs, FuBus, Friendzones, Titleless (those that obviously like each other and go on dates but are hindered by circumstances or revelation of feelings)... Hhm. I'm drawing a blank at the moment but I'm pretty sure there are still more titles. So tell me y'all? How did everything get so complicated?! If you like me and I like you back then let's just be together damnit, forget all those other title nonsense. Pft.

Our parents celebrated Anniversaries but how did it get so low that we now glorify that we can actually stay a month in a relationship! Monthsaries!!! Who the heck invented that?! Can't we trust ourselves to stay longer? A freaking month! That is just ridiculous! It goes to show how much our culture has grown or shrank for that matter, relationship-wise. It's probably the technology, the media, the norm or whatever so I beg you, please take me back in time! Let me fall in love with a renaissance man. Let's fall slow, fall true and fall for someone who'll go forever with you.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Yes, you read that right. I just quoted Uncle Ben from Spiderman. Haha. We may not have supernatural powers but what we do have is the power to change and to choose what to change so with this huge feat in our hands, we must all learn how to act responsibly. Go ahead, change the world for the better but please not to the extent that we sacrifice the finer things in life where we could eventually lose ourselves. We are so obsessed with changing that we don't even realize what we are doing wrong. Sometimes it's okay to look back, stop, breathe and think for a while before we act selfishly on it. Wake up people! Wake up!

Monday, September 29, 2014


Ours were the words that you hint
Ours were the times we don't think
Ours were the tracks that we sing
Ours were the love that we bring.

Ours were our voices in sync
Ours were the moments we don't blink
Ours were the love songs recorded
Ours were the lyrics embedded.

Ours wasn't love letters in form
Ours were expressed in love songs
Ours were raw recorded tracks
Ours were our voices healing the cracks.

Ours were the songs exchanged
Ours were the melodies played
Ours were the rhythm of the tracks
Ours was the love we can't get back.

Ours was a mixtape like no other
You sent me a song with your cover
Your voice sent shivers in my heart
And that's how our love set us apart.


Story behind the poem:
I always had a weak spot for singers or musicians and at the time, I didn't even know that this guy I was seeing could sing nor play all those instruments. He surprised me by asking for my email address and sent me his own version of two love songs. That was how it all began. I sent him back my song covers. I put my guards down. I fell inlove. I found out he was a jerk. End of story.

Our love letters were in the form of love songs we covered and the sweetness of it is a memory I'll cherish forever.


He who came.
He I can't blame.
He made my heart go insane.

He who dared.
He who shared.
He whose soul made mine flare.

He who sings.
He was so keen.
He provided that magical feeling.

He who pines.
He who shared his time.
He whose charm is oh so divine.

He who lied.
He never can decide. 
He always knew how to defy.

He who promised.
He who vanished.
He whose heart is extremely savage.

He who I loved.
He came from above.
He stole my heart with a violent shove.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Travel Diary: HongKong Disneyland

Disclaimer: Photos are owned by the blogger unless stated otherwise.

Music to my eyes. ;)

Because good 'ole Disney had to have its own MTR.

Mickey handrails!!!! Forgive the blurry photo, the train kept moving. Haha.

And Mickey windows, of course!!!

They had these little statues of the Disney characters inside, only got to take ones of Goofy and Chip and Dale. :)

Off to happiness we go!!! Sorry, didn't mean to capture the cute kid picking her nose. Hahaha.


Mickey skimboarding above the black whale. Life = made.

Here's a better view of Mickey above the whale, clearly enjoying himself while Donald (right side) is feeling angry and utterly unhappy.

Welcome to my childhood, baby!

That caption before entering though: "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy." They practically described the notions in my head. Haha. 

Main Street, USA in search for food.

Food before fun. Haha. 

I'm a Disney freakin' Princess!

Look at those two adorable kiddo's!

Minnie and Mickey trying to give me a smoochie. Too bad their noses got in the way! Haha.

Thanks for the childhood, my loves!

I'm a pixie!

Hey there Woody! Watcha doin'?

The green army men!!!!! How awesome is that?!

These totem poles are hella scary! They are equipped with motion sensors so when you stand in the center, they blow off water and steam.

Yummy cutesy Minnie ice cream bar! It matches with my pink chipped off nails. Haha.

The pretty Disney Princesses! Too bad we were too late.

Awful lighting. The sun was ready to set by this time. 

Photo grabbed from Ate Reyna.
Here's a filter edited shot I grabbed from one of my travel buddies.
Last photo op with Tinkerbell before leaving my happy place.

Travel Diary: Lost in HongKong

Disclaimer: Photos are owned by the blogger unless stated otherwise.

HongKong's Victoria Harbour at night.

Arrived HongKong a little after 8pm so by the time we got to see 1881 Heritage, it was already closed. Boo-freakin-hooooo.

Mirror selfie the next day. My bejeweled bunny sneakers are ready for another walk-athon in HongKong.

Lucky for us, we got to book a hotel near Nathan Road. All the sights are just a walking distance. We are just a couple of minutes away from iSquare.

On the quest to find a decent breakfast.

Found this local fast-food place somewhere along the walks. The name of the joint is in Chinese so forgive the lack of info. We ordered the English breakfast. So much for local cuisine! Haha. I had me some bacon, yummy eggs, toast and hot milk tea (that I did not drink). Blegh.

Taking the MTR to Shim Tsa Tsui Station.

You got it! More walking. Tsk.

On our way to the Avenue of Stars.

Entrance to the Avenue of Stars. Sooooo many people.

Walk, walk fashion baby. Hahaha.
Photo grabbed from Ate Reyna.

A lovely day view of Victoria Harbour.

I'll manually keep the reel rolling, baby. ;)

Aaaaand ACTION! 

Is it just me or is the camera man filming the director?

Hey hey hey Mr. Cameraman, that is not a great angle! Haha.

Photo grabbed from Ate Reyna. :)
Okay. We're ready for the next take Mr. Director! 

Probably the only three stars in the Avenue that I know of.

Oh hey there Jet Li!

We bought our tickets at one of the shops in the Avenue so no waiting in line for us. Thank goodness! I chose the Jessie ticket of course! We even got free bag tags and got to request which character we wanted. I had to take my boyfie Mickey with me. 

Last photo op before we leave the harbour.

Found this little cutie on our rest stop before we leave for Disneyland (see next travel diary).